Lessons Earned empowers women to achieve financial independence. We challenge and change gender inequality in the corporate (work) world through mentoring relationships, educational forums and influential networks that foster personal, professional and financial success for every woman.

Women make up 40 percent of the global workforce but hold only 15 percent of executive roles. Fifty years after equal pay was legally mandated, women still earn 25 percent less than men for equal work. 

  • 25% of women will leave their jobs for lack of professional development opportunities.

  • Women represent 51% of the general population but only hold 15% of corporate executive positions.

  • Studies show that formal mentorship is only offered to one in three women.

  • In 1963 the Equal Pay Act made it illegal to pay a woman lower rates than a man for the same job, strictly on a basis of their gender. Fifty years later, women still only get 77% of what a man does for the same job. 

Lessons Earned was formed — in reaction to this inequality — to be a community of women executives that supports, mentors, trains and challenges younger women to take leadership positions and financial control in their workplaces, their communities and in their personal lives.

Women Mentoring Women

Lessons Earned founder Robbie Hardy was one of the generation of women to first gain a seat at the executive table. She has spent decades encouraging, mentoring and challenging with the goal of equal professional and financial growth for women. She’s frustrated at how hard women still struggle today to be paid fairly, to advance appropriately and to gain financial stability and independence. Robbie knows that mentoring and sponsoring helps younger women bridge the gender gap.

Each of us defines success differently but we know it when we achieve it. Lessons Earned brings together successful, experienced, smart and savvy women who have experience breaking through to help the next generation of women succeed.  

We’re building a core group of women who want to help. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is mentorship important?

We all need help, advice, encouragement, a wake up call, or a swift kick to find our rhythm, our sweet spot, our comfort zone, especially when we want to stretch beyond what we thought possible. Mentors who listen and have a relevant experience, strategies, methods, tips and secrets are invaluable. The right mentor turns a problem into an opportunity.

I would love to be a mentor! How do I sign up?

We would love to have you. Please send an email outlining your background and experience to Robbie.Hardy@me.com

I would like to know more about what it means to have a mentor. What do I do?

Register for our event through Eventbrite!  We are looking for young women from the following fields:

  • Corporate
  • Small Business
  • Start Ups
  • Academia
  • Non Profit

Please contact us to find out about our various sponsorship opportunities.  Email AnnSobeckMiller@me.com.



I am very interested in sponsoring this powerful organization!  How do I do that?

You and your mentee decide. We do not require a specific number of hours or meetings.  Meet as often as you feel is helpful to achieve your goals.


How much of a time commitment is involved as a mentor or mentee?


About us

Robbie Hardy and Ann Sobeck Miller met over a decade ago and discovered they had a strong interest in helping women find their own version of success. Lessons Earned Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 is the result of that shared passion.

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Robbie Hardy

Hardy has helped countless women tackle challenges in their careers. She spent 20+ successful years in the corporate world before finding her true calling as an entrepreneur. She has sat on all sides of the desk - as CEO, strategic consultant, board member, investor, and mentor.

Living her motto, “There has to be a better way,” Hardy is also the founder of Lessons Earned, a national women’s mentorship organization, which pairs successful executives with up and coming talent.


Ann Sobeck Miller

Miller started her career in the corporate world, but decided it wasn’t right for her.  Once married and mothering, she decided her life/work balance needed to be adjusted. She has worked in the financial world of corporations, S corps, government, and LLC’s as she helped small businesses grow and thrive.  She formed her own company more than a decade ago and continues to preach the importance of life/work balance to all who will listen. 


Read a note from the founder here.