Guest Blog: Helping RTP Women Earn Their Worth


I had the privilege and kick-ass fun of doing two start-up software companies with Robbie Hardy in The Research Triangle (NC) at a time when we knew every other entrepreneur and saw them at every Council for Entrepreneurial Development event. We even had many of them over for lunches of sandwiches and chips to get their best advice for any issue that was slowing us down.

Those were amazing start-up times in the Research Triangle (RTP) but nothing close to the vibrant, over-the-top community we have today in Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC. We are truly rocking the start-up thing here and I am especially pleased that many of our start-up founders are women. Smart, passionate and “won’t-accept-no” women.

One of the many things I gained from working with Robbie was an understanding that my career progression was made far easier because of the heavy lifting the women of her generation shouldered. They were the first to breakthrough to the executive level. The first to wrestle their ways into seats on the board. The first to lead in the corporate world.

Still, throughout my career I have often been the only woman at the table. For many years when I went to meetings outside the company with male colleagues it was assumed I was the assistant, or possibly the girlfriend.

Here’s the thing: Women in the working world today are still not promoted as often or paid as well as men of the same talent/skill levels.

I watch super talented, accomplished younger women being passed over and working far harder to succeed in their careers. It’s astounding this happens today.

I’m writing this because Robbie Hardy and Ann Miller, another long-time RTP start-up pro, have formed a group based here that will rollout nationally to help younger women earn their worth.

The group is called Lessons Earned and is backed by a group of successful female executives ready and willing to form a powerful and influential mentoring network, create educational forums and advocate for younger women to be as financially successful as their male counterparts.

Whether you can mentor or want to advance in your career, we want to connect with you at the Lessons Earned launch event Oct. 19, 5:30-8 pm at the Frontier in RTP.

At this event HotChalk’s Chief People Officer Nancy Hauge will share her own lessons earned from more than 30 years in executive roles. She’s traveling in from San Jose to address the financial gap directly with, How to Come Out as a Woman at Work...And, Still Get Paid Your Worth.

This event is open to Triangle area women who want to mentor younger women or want to advance in their careers and achieve greater financial success. Register here to join us.

Written by our dear friend, Deb Lovig.